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Booking Information

For all booking inquiries, please call or email for more information. Many factors influence the events and locations we select. Please be prepared with as much event information as possible. Needed information may include expected attendance, date, time, location, a count of other food vendors in attendance, availability of 30 or 50 amp electrical hookup, availability of nearest dumpster, terrain, etc.


Private Catering

Private catering is available in a variety of styles. Details vary with the needs of the client. 


Special Events

Nonkie Bé's loves the hustle and bussle of a festival or large event. Grand opening? Block Party? Employee Appreciation. We'd love to be there. 


Roadside Lunch & Dinner

Nonkie Bé's operates during lunch and dinner hours weekly at a myriad of locations around Anchorage and the Matsu Valley, from breweries to doctor's offices. See our booking calendar for more information on where to find us. 


Please reference this calendar to check our availability for additional bookings

Please be sure calendar is set to correct time zone. 
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